Delish Girls' Influencer Program

We are so excited to hear how many people love our granola! It's been so fun to share it with all of you and hear how much people really enjoy it.

So much so that we've decided to start an affiliate program! We've studied other affiliate programs to ensure that this works well for all of us and we are so excited to work with you!

What Does Being a Delish Girls' Influencer Entail?

Delish Girls Influencers are those of you who want to get out and spread the word about our delicious keto-friendly granola. You are our first line of support and digital "street team". An ideal Delish Girls' granola influencer would be someone who lives a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle with a focus on your health. You'll also be influential in one or more social media platforms - Instagram, and Facebook - or even a personal blog. You should be spending time online and have a minimum  of 5,000 followers. And of course, you should be a fan of our granola!

When it comes to working with Delish Girls Keto, there's no limits. Either share your coupon code repeatedly on Instagram while you enjoy some granola, blog about it and include your coupon code, or even place a special referral link with your coupon code on your website or blog.

Feel free to email with any additional questions.

What are the Benefits for Delish Girls' Influencer Program?

Each time you refer a customer to us who purchases our granola using your discount code, you receive a cut of the sale as our thanks to you. If you hit more thresholds, we may open up additional opportunities such as giveaways, free samples, and more. Referrals can come from your Instagram, Facebook, blog, or website and will all be tracked using your just-for-you discount code. Plus, your referrals will get to save 10% off their order!

I'm interested! How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for us and have a minimum of 5,000 Instagram followers please complete the form below and Tammi will get back with you within 30 days should we decide to proceed and accept you into our influencer program.

Disclaimer: due to the volume of applications, please understand that it may take us a little longer to get back with you.

Thanks so much for your interest and we are so excited and touched that you are interested in joining our tight-knit group of affiliates!